Our staff recently came upon a new FEMA offering that will present a series of Tabletop Exercise presentations developed by FEMA’s Private Sector Division and advised by FEMA’s National Exercise Division.  These exercises are structured on the Tabletop Exercise Design curriculum developed by FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute, as well as other FEMA/DHS training reference materials. 

No announcement has been made regarding how many of these exercises will be made available as tools to enhance and advance an organization’s readiness levels regarding continuity, preparedness and/or resiliency. However, we are impressed with the release of FEMA’s first two exercises that address the scenarios of; (a) the incidence of a major Hurricane and (2) the potentially disastrous event of a rail related Chemical Accident.

Each exercise takes your crisis management or emergency response team through a very realistic scenario and also facilitates a discussion to help your organization’s planning, responding and recovering efforts to these first two scenarios.

Even if your organization has already instituted such tabletop exercises, we believe that your disaster preparedness and recovery teams will find a great benchmarking experience by viewing these emergency planning exercise offerings from FEMA

And, we almost forgot to mention the best part – these exercises are free for your download and use….

To download and view these FEMA Tabletop Exercise Presentations  — CLICK HERE.

Please pass this information along to those risk management, information security and emergency response team members in your organization, who address not only network security threats or computer data security issues, but, also are charged to develop effective risk management tools to meet compliance and mitigate operational risks for their organizations.

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