As the National Preparedness Month 2011 of September is coming to a close, DHS / FEMA has announced that this year’s NPM was a huge success. FEMA encourages everyone to stay involved and to get others involved in local emergency preparedness efforts throughout the year.

FEMA has also just finalized and published a document entitled The National Disaster Recovery Framework.  This document represents a new multiagency effort to strengthen the way the federal family works together to support state, tribal, territorial, and local communities to recover after a disaster strikes.

This document represents the first framework published under the Presidential Preparedness Directive 8 and is a first step toward achieving a shared understanding and a common, integrated perspective across all five mission areas-Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery-in order to achieve unity of effort and make the most effective used of the Nation’s limited resources.

This document is also an excellent resource to add to the reading libraries of your organization’s business continuity and disaster recovery and/or preparedness teams —and will present a better understanding how the government will be working to support the needs of states, communities and the private sector in their ongoing recovery efforts.

Click here  to view and download this document.

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