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Private sector awareness and preparedness have always been a prime focus of FEMA’s  “National Frameworks” programs  — which are part of the Presidential Policy Directive 8 / PPD-8: National Preparedness initiatives.

In an earlier posting on this website (“National Preparedness System Description Announced by FEMA”), FEMA clearly stated its position that our nation will be best prepared when we all work together to make that happen.

To keep that focus FEMA is once again seeking information and feedback from the whole community regarding what they think about a series of new documents related to how private sector plays a role in national preparedness.

FEMA will be hosting several webinars and in-person workshops for people to provide their thoughts once again on the private sector and nonprofit roles and responsibilities identified in the most recent working draft “National Frameworks” documents.

FEMA is interested in validating content, identifying gaps and discussing new ideas.

The in-person workshops part of this effort are scheduled as follows:

  1. March 5th in Arlington Virginia
  2. March 16th in Atlanta, Georgia
  3. March 20th on the West Coast with the final location to be announced.
  4. March 22nd in Chicago, Illinois

Other opportunities will be also available for input and engagement – for an example visit (Click on PPD-8 to share ideas) or try to attend one of the following webinars:

1.   March 7th – Prevention Framework

2.  March 12th – Mitigation Framework

3.  March 14th – Protection Framework

4.  March 21st – Response Framework

Click here to refresh you awareness of and to learn more about PPD-8.

Registration for these engagement opportunities are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Click here to view and download the formal FEMA announcement sheet about all of the engagement opportunities for private sector and nonprofit sector.

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