Our attention today is brought to a recent quote by FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, where he states, “The public is the most important member of the nation’s emergency management team, and so I encourage everyone, as they spring forward this year (March 14th), to also take a few minutes to check their smoke alarms and talk through what your family would do during an emergency.”   

As business continuity professionals we realize that preparing for an emergency in the United States is more than just a corporate responsibility.  We should send that message out to every associate employee of our organization(s) so that they should be reminded of the need to ensure that their families are also prepared for a possible emergency.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers everyone a source of information on preparing for emergencies, and we suggest that our readers go to the Ready.gov website to learn more about what they as individuals can do, and also, for our business continuity and risk management leaders to see what can be done for businesses.

A few simple steps like checking smoke alarms, putting an emergency kit together or gathering family members to write at least a family communications plan would go a long way toward keeping families safe. 

For more information about home smoke alarms and fire sprinklers, you can also visit: www.usfa.dhs.gov/smokealarms.

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