This website continues to focus attention on FEMA’s PS-Prep program, not only for the value and benefit PS-Prep can bring to your organization, but, also the value and benefit that PS-Prep offers to individuals and their families. 

To that point and during a presentation at the Center for National Policy on April 23, Timothy Manning, deputy administrator for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, discussed the criticality of the private sector in national disaster preparedness and recovery capabilities.

 A summary of that presentation is posted in a recent article written by Leischen Stelter, and located on the Security Director News website.

Personal preparedness and personal disaster readiness levels have a direct relationship to the ability of a community to respond and recover from a disaster.  However in his speech, Mr. Manning re-emphasized that the overall community recovery capability is still also largely dependent upon the business continuity plans of private businesses. 

With this in mind, FEMA has been working to further support private sector businesses to increase their resiliency and assist the writing and implementation of business continuity plans and programs for those businesses.  This is being done through and with the support of FEMA’s PS-Prep program.

Please pass this article along to your private sector organization’s business continuity and disaster recovery team members, and, click here to read more of what Mr. Manning had to say on this important topic.

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