When most of us think of earthquakes, we do not usually think of Missouri – yet – this month of February is Earthquake Awareness Month in Missouri.  This time has been chosen to provide critical information to Missourians about earthquakes in the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ).

The fact is that many Missourians experience small earthquakes weekly. 

The NMSZ, located in southeastern Missouri, northeastern Arkansas, western Tennessee, western Kentucky and southern Illinois, is the nation’s most active seismic zone east of the Rocky Mountains.  The fault cuts across the Mississippi River in three places and the Ohio River in two places.  More than 200 small earthquakes occur in the zone each year. 

So if your company is located in this seismic zone, you most certainly should be serious about implementing either a business continuity, a disaster recovery or a risk management and preparedness plan as soon as possible for your organization. 

As one of the first activities to search for the resources you would need to develop such a plan, your company should take advantage of and visit the various Missouri governmental departmental websites which are now offering events, information and resources capabilities to help your organization be prepared and ready for such a potential disaster.  

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), and the Missouri Seismic Safety Commission, and, others  will take part in a number of public activities to provide: scientific data about the New Madrid Seismic Zone, mappings for risk assessment, updated potential earthquake risks for citizens, and geologic information about the basics of earthquakes. 

We recommend that you have your risk organizational management teams and employees read a recent article posted on the Environment infoZine website (CLICK HERE) and, go to the following website for more related events and information:   http://dnr.mo.gov/geology.

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