Social media and the likes of Facebook, being integrated more and more into enterprise network activities, remain top IT security concerns for those IT risk management teams in many organizations.

Just a day after security firm Sophos publicly took Facebook to task for lacking important security features, the social network has added some new security elements in what it says is an effort to “make Facebook a more trusted environment .”

In a blog post this week, Arturo Bejar, a director of engineering with Facebook, explained the new upgrades. The most noteworthy feature in the announcement is the introduction of two-factor authentication. According to the blog post, users who turn on the new feature will be asked to enter a code anytime the user tries to log into Facebook from a new device.

Bejar also said the network was “improving” on its already introduced HTTPS feature, which was announced in January.

In a recent article written by Joan Goodchild, Senior Editor on the CSO/Security and Risk website, we are offered a great summary of the recent privacy changes in Facebook which have occurred as well as those to yet occur.  Along with other valuable links in her article, a resource is given to those members in your organization responsible for protecting network security and meeting regulatory compliance requirements of information security and privacy concerns for all employees of that organization.

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