When discussing the topic of business continuity, the risks associated with maintaining acceptable levels of information security within an organization often involve debate and concern over the growing threats of mobile social networking services and the risks they present to organizations around the world.

If you are an information security manager in your organization and social networking and/or mobile communication is now becoming more integrated with your company’s internal processes, and, this risk topic is becoming a regular item on the agenda of your risk management team meetings, then we suggest that you read a recently released report published by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).

The title of this report is “Instantly Online-17 Golden Rules to Combat Online Risks and Provide Safer Surfing Mobile Social Networks”, and, we highly recommend it as required reading by the members of your information security management team.

This report points out many of the risks and threats of mobile social networking services, e.g. identity theft, corporate data leakage and reputation risks of mobile social networks, and also provides  17 ‘golden rules’ on how to combat these threats against your organization and the associates within your organization.

This report also offers a viewpoint of this topic that comes from a study of best practices outside of the United States for dealing with this area of concern.  If nothing else, you should have this report in your library of information security reading references. 

To read this full report, please CLICK HERE

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