A one-year old company called Elerts has unveiled a system that’s designed to harness mobile and social technologies to speed the flow of information between citizens and emergency workers during a crisis.

The system involves free mobile applications—an iPhone app is available now, and Android and iPad apps will be available in the next few weeks—that eyewitnesses can use to report incidents and get public-safety alerts. And Elerts is offering a management console for municipalities, security firms and universities to receive the reports and disseminate warnings and instructions, like a map with the best evacuation route.

Some of the features and benefits claimed by the maker of this ‘next generation mobile alert platform’ are:

1.  Real Time Alerting

2. No Messaging Fees

3. No Maintenance

4. Real Time Response

5.  Dedicated Online Alert Interface

6.  Secure Response Monitoring

7.  Location Based Services

Check out this emergency reporting tool further (click here) and where applicable, please pass this information along to those first responder, crisis management and disaster recovery team members in your organization and also your local community.

If you have already downloaded this application to your iPhone and perhaps have used the features of this Elerts application, please share your experience with our readership, and, if possible, bring it also to the attention of those disaster preparedness and PS-Prep strategy planning teams in your area.

Photo courtesy of smartphoneslab.com and Elerts.com


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