Improving levels of preparedness and resiliency remain as 2011 objectives for all organizations, individuals and communities.  And, if we hope to lead ourselves, our communities and our organizations through the well-recognized and complex landscape of local, regional and/or global risk, then we all must learn what we can from both man-made and natural risk events to improve our levels of preparedness and resiliency.

And, let’s not forget that effective risk mitigation requires investments of time, money and mindshare along with support and funding from real decision makers.  Additionally, we must assess our current capabilities and close the gap on the people, process and technology resources we need to ensure a more resilient future.

If 2011 is going to be a successful year for increasing levels of preparedness and resiliency, then we suggest reading a recent article written by Francis J. D’Addario, posted on the website, and entitled, “Emergency Preparedness: Compliance, Care and the Long View”.

We also recommend that you utilize the link in that article to download the “World Economic Forum’s 2010 Global Risk Report” because this report does such and great job in not only outlining the issues most likely to happen this year, but, also, describes the interconnectedness between those issues.  This information may relate to your organization’s ability to plan for and also assist your risk management team in mitigating those relevant and related and potential risks to your organization.

Click here to read Mr. D’Addario’s article.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those organizational resilience, business continuity, crisis and risk management team members in your organization.

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