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by Ben Carnevale

With so much content already on the web addressing the topic of emergency planning, and with so many of us (including myself) procrastinating about doing something about setting and achieving our own personal preparedness goals and objectives, I was pleased to come across a recent posting entitled “Thoughts on Preparedness” written by Lynda King.

What attracted me most to this posting was her ability to make me believe that we all can actually do something to help us effectively cope when disaster strikes.

Also, when thousands of people in your area all need help at the same time along with the fact that basic infrastructure is damaged all around you —then, there truly is a limit as to how fast help can be brought to you as well as limits of what that help can actually do for you in the first place if and when they get there.

It is in such a scenario that I believe the practical and “common sense” approach offered by King is most appreciated.   Above all, she seems to deliver her message without causing us to all live in fear because she offers a way to help us get past the fact that we simply cannot plan for every eventuality of disaster.

Click here to read Lynda King’s posting and please share your comments and inputs so that we can continually improve our preparedness capabilities in our families, in our communities where we live and in our companies where we work.

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