Emergency Management Planning Guide — Useful Writing Tips

Photo courtesy of pilotfishseo.com

Photo courtesy of pilotfishseo.com

Often our staff tries to avoid a “re-inventing the wheel” approach when addressing inquiries from our readers.  To that point and answering several inquiries of “how do I?” organize an Emergency Management or Disaster Preparedness guide for where I work, and for where I live …our staff reviewed its inventory of past articles and disaster recovery materials and decided to focus on a recent project completed in the Santa Rosa County in the state of Florida.

Knowing that emergencies and disasters can happen anywhere and anytime, the Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners supported and created their Emergency Management/Disaster Preparedness Guide.  This guide was put together to provide its residents, visitors and businesses with valuable information in order to help them better plan and prepare for man-made and natural disasters.  This guide might well be a basis for and perhaps an integral part of your own preparedness plans in your community, where you work and especially in your personal preparedness plan.

The ideal objective for using this guide as perhaps a building platform of ideas is to hopefully get you and your community to the point of having your own plans written and tested ASAP – albeit that you should never ignore the unique requirements of your home, your community and your workplace….but….at the same time recognizing that nearly 95% of your preparedness planning efforts are part of the same general planning efforts that many others before you have addressed and organized into a preparedness plan format.

It goes without saying that of course you should expand all disaster preparedness and emergency management planning resources whenever and wherever you can.

Brad Baker, Director of Emergency Management for Santa Rosa County, put it best when he stated, “….so do your part, be prepared…the first 72 is on you!”

Click here to download this full disaster preparedness guide and start now to get your own unique planning processes organized, evaluated, written, tested and improved over time.  And, if applicable, please pass this information along to those members of disaster preparedness teams where you work and where you live.  Thank you.


    • Ben Carnevale says

      We suggest downloading the guide to your computer, and, then printing it from there…..
      CCorg Staff

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