Most business continuity planners and disaster recovery teams agree that the right technology mix can greatly affect the effectiveness and success of emergency communications regarding an incident management activity. They also agree that well constructed plans and highly capable individuals on those teams are doubly effective when given the correct tools to utilize during an emergency.

Berkly Trumbo, who is a mass notification systems (MNS) specialist, has recently written an article about how he sees recent developments and emerging changes and thinking on this topic — emergency communication systems.  We believe the information he provides is valuable input to the decisions of your organization’s internal BC/DR planning teams.   

In his article, Mr. Trumbo offers the premise that a managed systems approach to emergency communications systems is becoming a popular topic between IT, facilities, and public safety stakeholders.   And, after offering many examples to support his reasoning, he concludes that emergency communications systems are evolving towards a managed system model as opposed to a collection of disjointed, boutique applications.

Click here to read the complete article as posted on the website for more details.

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