While business continuity, information security and risk management planning groups in organizations evaluate, implement and review crisis management plans regularly– some more effective and successful than others – the fact remains that when your organization is faced with an actual crisis, strong resilient leadership is what will help those teams to deliver the objectives of your emergency management plans, compliance policies and procedures.

That topic was recently addressed very effectively in an article written by Leonard Kloeber.

Mr. Kloeber states that “…whatever challenges faced in striving for success, you need to be able to deal with setbacks and difficulties when they arise.  This ability to overcome obstacles is called resilience.  And whenever your organization runs into trouble, the rest of the team looks to the leader.”

When faced with a crisis, the need for this leadership resiliency is critical and necessary.   Mr. Kloeber offers the following tips for crisis management team leaders: (a) change your thinking; (2) prepare for the unexpected and (3) practice for the unexpected.

This website recommends that you read this article  for more details and suggested ways to help guarantee that your organization will have the resilient leadership to address and resolve any potential crisis to your organization.

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