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The topic of e-Discovery remains a major point of discussion for enterprises who must operate in growing litigation driven, regulatory enforced commercial environments, facing ongoing concerns for cost reduction and finally trying to integrate the latest demand for social media and other cyber security related technologies into their work force.

And with all of these challenges now beginning to effect organizations of lesser size and with more limited resource capabilities to address these potential threats, it is valuable for those of our readership affected by such e-Discovery dynamics to look at a recent article written by Chris Preimesberger, posted on the eWeek website and entitled “10 E-Discovery Technology Trends That Are Rising to Prominence in 2013”.

The ten (10) prominent e-Discovery trends in 2013 stated by Preimesberger are:

  1. Partnerships Will Take Lead Roles
  2. Holistic Approach Enables Improved Re-use of Data
  3. Self-Collection Policies Being Re-examined
  4. Legalities in Moving to the Cloud for E-Discovery Will Gain Attention
  5. Attorneys With Expertise in Machine Learning, Analytics in Demand
  6. Legal Teams Will Use Advanced Cost-Benefit Analysis for Better Budgeting
  7. Data Privacy Laws in Foreign Jurisdictions Will Create E-Discovery Issues for Enterprises
  8. Data Destruction Policies Will Get Renewed Attention
  9. New Uses for Data Analytics are on the Way
  10. Predictive Analytics Will Gain Momentum With Legal Team

Click here to read Chris’ full article on this relevant potential risk management topic.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those e-discovery risk management team members in your organization.

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