The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) announced that “,,,a new day in e-discovery dawned from coast to coast in the United States and other countries this week as practitioners in law, litigation support, information technology, records management and other fields of endeavor learned they are members of the inaugural class of professionals who earned the Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) designation.”

The landmark CEDS exam, which the CEDS candidates took at more than 40 secure testing centers worldwide, is the first legally defensible, scientifically verifiable e-discovery competency examination. Neither ACEDS nor the CEDS examinations have any ties or links to a software product or outside organization.

This website has consistently included e-discovery as an important part of the potential threat that organizations need to be aware of as part of their regulatory requirements applied to their internal records management and information security functions.

More succinctly the potential risk managment issue here to consider can be better understood when a definition of the term e-discovery is reviewed.  Per the ACEDS website,  e-discovery is defined as “… the major new legal and technological specialty area focused on the complex obligations of private sector and government organizations and individuals, to retain, organize, retrieve and disclose electronically stored information in civil and criminal litigation, governmental and internal investigations, arbitration, and other types of dispute resolution“.

From a business continuityor regulatory audit perspective, non-compliance with any of these requirements, could present an economic risk and/or penalty cost beyond the resources available to most small or mid-size companies.  This milestone now reached could offer a risk mitigation resource for those organizations now facing e-discovery litigation or requirement challenges.

World now has independent uniform standards, verifiable competency level

This is a milestone in the e-discovery field,” said ACEDS president and founder Charles A. Intriago, a former Assistant US Attorney and litigator at a large international law firm, who also founded the now 10,000-member Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS.)   “For the first time the world has an independent, authoritative, scientifically verifiable mechanism to set uniform standards and establish a base level of competency, knowledge and skill for e-discovery practitioners wherever they do business,” he added.

For the successful candidates, the CEDS designation will be powerful evidence of highly specialized expertise that will be recognized and welcomed by law firms, corporations, courts, peers, government agencies, and clients,” said William Hamilton, a partner at the law firm of Quarles & Brady, who chairs the ACEDS Advisory Board.

This should be good news for all organizations now facing the challenge of compliance to many new and developing regulatory requirements in the field of e-discovery.

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If applicable, please pass this information along to those information security and/or records management team members in your organization.

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