It cannot be denied that e-discovery is quickly becoming a topic that can be  a potential threat to small and mid-sized businesses and, as such, is something that risk managers and business continuity planning teams in those SME’s need to review and possibly put on their short term “to do” list

While certainly already an object of attention in large enterprises, e-discovery is more likely to be an internal process dynamic, however, when required, the e-discovery methodology and document or record retention dynamic is more likely to be something that a small or mid-sized organization will look to an outsource partner to provide those e-discovery related products and services.

With this thought in mind, we turn our reader’s attention to a recent article written by Robert J. Ambrogi and posted on the website.

In this posting, Mr. Ambrogi states, “ George Socha and Tom Gelbmann, two names well known in the e-discovery field for their annual Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey and for their roles in developing the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, have launched Apersee, a website that aims to become the premier system for helping litigation professionals choose e-discovery providers and products. The site features the Selection Engine, a tool that lets you pick and rank the criteria that are important to you and then finds the vendors that most closely match.”

If applicable, we ask that you forward this information to those e-discovery, document control management, business continuity and risk management team members in your organization.   And, given the recent activity of and penalties declared for non-compliance or attention to the need for an e-discovery information control methodology, you might perceive this as a serious enough risk of economic burden so that it might be something you also include in your organization’s PS-Prep strategy planning efforts as well.

Click here to read about and access more information regarding this e-discovery provider search tool.

We ask that if our readers are aware of any similar search tools or methods to assist the selection of an outsource partner to provide e-discovery related services or products, please add that information in your comment(s) to this posting.  Thank you.

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