For some time now, this website has attempted to bring its readership’s attention to the risks of e-discovery as it relates to your organization’s business continuity plan.  With so much attention now being given to ediscovery, and, so many growing cases of penalties now being levied for dollar amounts that would be a serious threat to the ability of a small of even mid-sized business to sustain, our staff felt convinced that this topic is beginning to qualify for inclusion to all of the other more normal threats and risks to be considered in a business continuity planning exercise.

With this in mind, we would like to point your attention to one of a series of podcasts hosted by Monica Bay and titled “Law Technology Now – 2010 Socha/Gelbmann E-Discovery Survey”.   Our attention was brought to this website by one of our readers recently and after reviewing it, we would like to share what we believe to be a valuable exercise in gaining more background knowledge and information regarding e-discovery and how it potentially might affect your organization.

Please pass this information along to the other business continuity and risk management team members in your organization and we hope you find this as a value-added activity in your busy day…..

Click here to hear the full discussions from an edition of Law Technology Now, where host Monica Bay chats with George Socha and Tom Gelbmann about their recently released 2010 Socha/Gelbmann E-Discovery Survey.

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