Dr. Marc H. Siegel, an ASIS Commissioner, has just published a  response to a recent article authored by Paul Kirvan (Read Mr. Kirvan’s article) that was posted on the Continuity Central website, and, which claimed that there was a “… collaborative standards development by ASIS International (ASIS) and the British Standards Institution (BSI)”.  

Dr. Siegel thanked Continuity Central for giving him an opportunity to state his position on the intent of the PS-Prep program and thus hopefully clear up some of the confusion generated by Mr. Kirvan’s original statements.  

To summarize the issues raised and positions taken by Dr. Siegel, we quote his final remarks to say, ”In the end, the intent of the PS-Prep program is improved private sector preparedness.  It should not be about turf wars, excluding standards, approaches and disciplines.  It should not be about the government picking winners and losers.  It should not be a stimulus package for consultants, trainers and certification bodies.  The focus needs to turn to how the private sector organizations can become better prepared in the most cost-effective fashion.”

You can read Dr. Siegel’s article  and then we suggest that you pass it along to team members of your organization who are addressing the compliance framework and business continuity standards topic in their efforts to better the preparedness requirements unique to the business of your organization. 

This topic of PS-Prep will be debated over the next several months .. so be sure to pass along your comments as requested by the DHS and referenced in earlier postings on this website.

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