One of our staff’s favorite writers on the subject of Supply Chain is Jan Husdal.  And today our staff wishes to focus your attention on a topic raised by Mr. Husdal and dealing with the challenges of disaster supply chain management and trying to find the answers to the question, “What are the key supply chain factors for improving disaster supply chain management?”

Mr. Husdal points his readers to a recent issue of the International Journal of Production Economics  for some answers to the question posed above…..e.g. bringing together an interdisciplinary group of scholars with a keen interest in the effective functioning of supply chains in face of human disaster.  

We recommend this article become required reading for your organization’s business continuity, disaster recovery and PS-Prep teams and thus give those members – first responders, crisis management leaders and risk management liaisons, etc. — an excellent introduction to an emerging field:  the study of disaster supply chains.

In an attempt to bring together the world of disaster response with humanitarian supply chains, Mr. Husdal claims that this issue of the journal does an excellent job and goes on to conclude that “…..while disaster management can learn a lot from supply chain management, so can supply chain management learn a lot from disaster management.

Click here to view Mr. Husdal’s website and review the thirteen (13) articles he has selected from this journal, with links to the publisher’s website and help your organization’s disaster recovery and response teams be better prepared for this emerging field of study.

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