In a recent article written by Pierre Dorion, and posted on the website, Mr. Dorion makes a strong argument to avoid repeating the fact that with the slow economy and shrinking IT budgets and staff cuts of 2009, disaster recovery (DR) planning was all too often pushed to the back burner.  He then goes on to state, “With outsourcing strategies, virtualization technologies, more communication and certifications, no disaster recovery plan should be left sitting on the back burner in 2010.” 

To support his position, Mr. Dorion outlines some of the DR trends for the IT industry in 2010 and how these trends can help your business continuity and disaster recovery planning teams develop, evaluate, and implement effective disaster recovery strategies into their 2010 business continuity plans for their companies.

Some of the major trends outlined in this article are as follows:

  1. Disaster recovery outsourcing
  2. Cloud computing and disaster recovery strategies
  3. Server virtualization
  4. Desktop virtualization
  5. Unified communication
  6. Standards compliance

If any or all of these trends take off in 2010, then most certainly they will be technology trends  to incorporate into your disaster recovery plans.

Click here to read the full article.

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