A recent disaster recovery study report from Symantec – e.g. the sixth annual “Symantec Disaster Recovery Study – Global” — demonstrates and clarifies the many challenges that data center managers face in managing disparate virtual, physical and cloud resources. 

The study points out that these ever-changing resources add complexity for organizations protecting and recovering mission-critical applications and data. In fact, the data revealed that virtual machines are most often not properly protected because of resource and other storage constraints that hamper backups. 

The study also found a huge gap in terms of how fast IT managers think they can recover and how fast they actually do. 

In addition, organizations still experience more downtime than they should from basic causes such as system upgrades, power outages and cyber-attacks..

Finally, from a positive perspective, the study shows significant improvements in disaster recovery testing frequency; however disruption levels to employees, sales and revenue were found to be still quite high.

Click here to read the full Symantec report and find particular information perhaps relevant to your organizaton.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those information security, data network security, risk management, business continuity, disaster preparedness / recovery or PS-Prep program team members in your organization.

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