For the past six years, the Symantec company has sponsored a disaster recovery research report which polls large companies across the globe on how they prepare their IT organizations to prevent potential business disruptions. 

Organizations of all sizes can find relevant and timely information by reviewing the results of such surveys as the one mentioned above, and, given the many comments and requests received about the topic of disaster recovery and disaster preparedness by this website, this webinar should allow you to learn not only the results of this latest Disaster Recovery Survey, but also, gain insight into how your peers are managing risk,  ensuring that critical data and applications are protected, and applying new technologies to their high availability and disaster recovery strategies.  The webinar is being held on Tuesday, November 16th and begins at 10:00 am through 11:00 am PST.

Our staff is of the opinion that listening to this webinar would be a valuable exercise for the disaster recovery, information security, network security compliance and disaster preparedness teams in your organization. 

Our staff would also like to state that our website is not associated with the Symantec Company in any way … and we apologize for any “sales” pitch included in this webinar presentation.  We simply value the data and results of these surveys and strongly believe that this kind of input is important to the continuous improvement process of your disaster recovery and business continuity organizational strategies.

Click Here to find out more information and to register for this webinar.

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