Photo courtesy of World Economic Forum

Photo courtesy of World Economic Forum

In an earlier posting on this website, our staff published a story reviewing the consensus for listing the threats of 2013 which impacted many organizations.  In this posting, the point addressed is that very often risks of threats or incidents can impact an organization because of the occurrence of some global size event that would appear to be beyond the scope of an organization’s disaster preparedness planning.

With that thought in mind, our staff would like you to be aware of a recently released World Economic Forum report which attempts to size up the impact of some all-too-real threats in the year ahead.   The report stems from a survey where respondents were asked to rate the likelihood and impact of 31 identified global risks.

The report was written by Mark Glassman —a producer for Bloomberg TV– and was published in the Global Economics section of the Bloomberg Business Week magazine.

The World Economic Forum defines a global risk as “an occurrence that causes significant negative impact for several countries and industries over a time frame of up to 10 years”.

Some of the particular risks identified in this report are as follows: data fraud/theft; fiscal crises; climate change; water crises; unemployment and underemployment; extreme weather events; organized crime and illicit trade and cyber-attacks.

Certainly having an input regarding a respectable opinion of the likely hood of the occurrence of such identified risks and global crisis events should assist any organization’s disaster preparedness planning team efforts.

If applicable, and if you believe this would be an good candidate for additional reading resource material for your company’s risk management team, then click here for more details and to view the full graphic representation of this important report.

Also please pass this information along to other risk management and disaster preparedness team members where you work and the community first responders where you live.

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