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Some of our readers have requested additional information and reading resource material concerning disaster risk reduction in the education sector.

In response to that request our staff would like to recommend adding the following document to that reading resource list – “A Framework of School-Based Disaster Preparedness”.

This framework was developed by the Consortium for Disaster Education in Indonesia, and, framework is intended to raise awareness levels on disaster risk reduction for all stakeholders in the education sector, both individually and collectively, as an effort to encourage schools to develop more and better disaster preparedness programs.

On the basis of various disaster risk reduction education programs/activities recorded in the national education system of Indonesia, it provides a comprehensive explanation of the concept of school-based disaster preparedness, which covers eight standards in accordance to the National Standard for Education in that country.

However, it is fully qualified to be considered as a preliminary benchmark for other nations to integrate into their investigations for related disaster preparedness materials with the potential to be adopted within their own individual systems.

Click here to download and read the entire framework document.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those risk and safety management team members in your local school district.  Thank you.

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