Recently, several inquiries were received from readers asking if this website could provide more information on disaster preparedness tools available for smartphones.

The following list of smartphone preparedness apps is a response to not only that request, but, also in support of National Preparedness Month 2011:

5-0 Radio

911 Now    

911 Police Radio

American Heart Association: Pocket First Aid & CPR Guide

American Medical Aid

American Red Cross: Shelter View

Are You Ready

Buddy Guard


Disaster Caster

Disaster Emergency Checklist

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Disaster Prep

Disaster Survival Guide


Earthquake Survival Kit Lite

Emergency Distress Beacon

Emergency Radio

First Aid Pocket Guide


Hurricane Safety Checklist





iHurricane Tracking Map

Morse Emergency


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder / PTSD Coach



Send Morse Code

Most of these apps are available free for iPhone, Androids, Blackberry’s, etc….however; there are exceptions where nominal charges do exist. 

To search Android disaster preparedness apps as listed above,  click here, and for Blackberry smartphones, click here.  Once on either App Store site, simply enter any of the App  Names above to confirm availability for either the Android or Blackberry.

This list has been created from input from readers and staff, presented in alphabetical order and is meant to be vendor neutral — and — while these apps, for the most part, depend on the internet being available in any disaster or disruptive event, and therefore, may not be accessible during a disaster, —we ask our readers to use these apps primarily as the proactive learning and preparedness tools that they are meant to be.

Lastly, this list is not meant to be complete or static, and, we welcome any additional apps, inputs or comments from our readers to grow this list over time….

If you found this information applicable, please pass it along to those first responder, disaster recovery, risk,crisis or emergency management, business continuity, and/or PS-Prep compliance planning team members in your organization.

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