In a recent article written by Aaron Hurst and posted on the Huffington Post website, our staff discovered an interesting viewpoint discussing the benefits of pro bono services to help individuals, organizations and the communities where they work and live.

In this article, Mr. Hurst asks the question, “While pro bono service in medicine and architecture may be immediately put to work for individuals in need, how can you leverage the skills of other professions like marketing and human resources?” Many thought provoking concepts and approaches to lessening the impact of a disaster follow….

Bottom line of the article states that “…In general, pro bono service is better deployed not for disaster relief but instead for disaster prevention or mitigation. These services aren’t as immediately gratifying or headline-grabbing, but ultimately can create tremendous impacts.  The biggest opportunity appears to be disaster preparedness.”

If any of our readers work in the areas of marketing and human resources, would you consider focusing your energy on the next sadly inevitable disaster?  Or, how can you prepare and empower more people and organizations to survive next time?

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And if applicable, please pass this information along to those business continuity and PS-Prep strategy teams in your organization.

Photo courtesty of Shiho Fukada / New York TImes

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