On November 4th, the DHS posted a listing of all the Outreach Meetings that will occur and address the issues surrounding the PS-Prep (Private Sector Preparedness) program.

The meetings are slated in each of the ten (10) FEMA regions around the country.  The first meeting will be held on November 17th in the Chicago, IL area and the last scheduled Outreach Meeting will occur on December 14th in Atlanta, GA. 

Along with setting up these meetings, DHS has extended the comment period on the proposed standards to be included in the PS-Prep Program to January 15, 2010.

Click Here to link to the DHS web page that lists all of the meetings, their dates and their locations.

Do you agree with the DHS choice of standards?  Disagree?  Do you want more information?  If you have an opinion that needs to be expressed on this topic? … Then this is the meeting you should plan to attend.

As the DHS states on their site, “…these outreach meetings are so that the public can “engage in dialogue” with the DHS PS-Prep program managers, and staff”.

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