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If your risk management team is trying to put objective measurements to the business impact analysis scenario of what if a data breach exposure happened to your company —-then you might want to visit the website.

This data breach calculator, offered by the Symantec group, asks you to answer ten (10) questions which with your answers —then it presents a unique analysis report that will show you: (1) your company’s risk for a data breach, (2) your company’s estimated average cost per compromised record, and (3) your company’s average cost per breach.

This is a totally free report that can help you and your company better understand more about the risks involved,  and, also attempts to deliver the kind of information your business continuity planning or risk management team may need to help justify the budget that might be needed to proactively address this potential happening of such a data breach event.

Even more information is available (registration required) as well to see how your company’s risk profile may compare with:

•             Companies in your industry

•             Companies in other industries

•             Companies that have a CISO

•             Companies that do not have a CISO

•             Companies with same number of employees

•             Companies with operations in one country

•             Companies with operations in multiple countries

Click here to use the calculator.

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