Given the tragedies, threats and developing information that continues to occur in Japan because of the recent 9.0 quake, it seems obvious that business continuity and risk management teams throughout the world have to remain diligent and ready to review their existing BC/DR and business impact analysis (BIA) plans where subject to the effects of this tragedy.  Yet, with the added stress to supply chain management issues that also continue to result from this tragedy, it is certainly not a given that every company affected by this tragedy will be able to look at, re-evaluate and potentially amend or re-write those plans at this time.

With that point in mind, it is important to mention that damage to submarine telecommunications cables from the earthquake in Japan was worse than initial observations led the global village to believe.  This area of communications is obviously a critical concern for global supply chain management team members.

To learn more about this click here to read a statement by Pacific Crossing-1 cable, a subsidiary of Japanese carrier NTT.  Unfortunately, to date the risk of  high levels of radiation have continuted to affect the ability of repair ships to do their jobs in some of the areas where submarine communications cables were damaged.

An early posting of this event on the CFO World website was written by Stephen Lawson (IDG News Service) and you can click here to receive an additional resource’s input to this event.

Hopefully, this area of communication risk and the impact it may have on your business is already covered in your organization’s BC/DR plan.

If not, or if applicable anyway, please pass this and all related and developing  information along to those supply chain, crisis management, business continuity or risk management internal team members in your organization.

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