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As you might expect for this time of the year, a list of future top cyber security trends affecting the financial sector(s) was developed from research efforts by the Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) team.  This information forecasted for the 2012 time period will hopefully assist banks and investments firms as they try to stay ahead of the IT security curve.

A quick summary of the report’s 2012 cybersecurity trend predictions for the financial services sector include at least the following areas:

1.         The exponential growth of mobile devices drives an exponential growth in security risks.  

2.         Increased C-suite targeting. Senior executives are no longer invisible online

3.         Growing use of social media will contribute to personal cyber threats.  

4.         Your company is already infected, and you’ll have to learn to live with it – under control.  

5.         Everything physical can be digital.  

6.         More firms will use cloud computing.  

7.         Global systemic risk will include cyber risk.  

8.         Zero-day malware (malicious software) and organized attacks will continue to increase

9.         Insider threats are real.  

10.       Increased regulatory scrutiny.  

If applicable, click here to get more details and information on the Booz Allen website posting.

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