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In a recent PR release from Websense Security Labs, Dan Hubbard, chief technology officer, writes about his company’s predictions of what will occur in Cyber Security in 2012.

Since last year’s Websense Security Labs  predictions were very accurate, Hubbard’s predictions could prove to be very useful guidance for information security professionals trying to mitigate the expected risks involving cybersecurity in 2012.

Here are some highlights of the seven (7) areas of predictions released:

  1. Your social media identity may prove more valuable to cybercriminals than your credit cards.
  2. The primary blended attack method used in the most advanced attacks will be to go through your social media “friends,” mobile devices and through the cloud.
  3. The number of people who fall victim to believable social engineering scams rise exponentially if the bad guys find a way to use mobile location-based services to design hyperspecific geolocation social engineering attempts.
  4. As more traffic moves through encrypted tunnels, many traditional enterprise security defenses are going to be left looking for a threat needle in a haystack, since they cannot effectively inspect the encoded traffic.
  5. Containment is the new prevention.
  6. Cybercriminals will continue to take advantage of today’s 24-hour, up-to-the minute news cycle.
  7. Scareware tactics and the use of rogue anti-virus, which decreased a bit in 2011, will stage a comeback.

Our staff recommends this article be added to the reading resource materials of all business continuity and/or risk management planning teams in every organization.

Click here  to read Hubbard’s full article.

The full report can be downloaded here.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those information security, risk management or cyber security risk associated team members in your organization.

And, since cybersecurity risks are part of a PS-Prep strategy planning approach to being better prepared in the private sector, please make sure those members in your organization are informed as well.

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