Individuals, communities, organizations, governments and nations around the globe are realizing in more ways everyday the significance of cybersecurity and the many ways that cybersecurity related issues are linked directly with economic stability.

Recently, Greg Austin, V.P., of the EastWest Institute (EWI) stated the following observations in an interview posted on the Computer Weekly website:

  1. “…there is a big demand among leading corporations for new measures within government to secure cyberspace,” and
  2. “…we are seeing a rapidly dawning realization in foreign ministries around the world that there is a high level of importance and urgency to establishing diplomacy for cybersecurity.”

However, not everyone seems to agree that having any government police and secure the internet would be the only option to consider.  Our staff agrees and in fact, has discovered much debate and interest in this topic and this debate as to how to best confront the vast number of challenges and opportunities that come from increased levels of integration by the internet into how business is done and communicated globally as well as the variety of ways we live our lives around the world.

This website certainly does not have the finite answers to these many cybersecurity related issues, but, we have and will continue to gather and share with our readers those articles and postings that our staff has found to be an interesting read or a suggested addition to the reference libraries of our readers – especially those who are members of risk management or business continuity planning teams in their organization.  These lists which will be posted from time to time are certainly not meant to be an exhaustive list of resources to read.  In fact, and  as we so often do, we welcome any and all additional input from our readers so that these lists will stay current and meaningful to this most critical topical issue facing us today.

A list of those website links leading to those articles is shown below:

1.   “The Cop on the Cyber Beat”

2.  “White House Cybersecurity Proposals Would Create Disincentives says Industry Group Head”

3.  “TechAmerica CEO Testifies Before U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Cybersecurity”

4.  “Obama Cybersecurity Proposal Flawed, But Fixable”

5.  “Federalizing Cybersecurity: Necessary or Nitwitted?  (A Sequel)”

6.  “Recent Cyber Attacks and U.S. Policies Cause Confusion, Fear”

7.  “Administration’s Cybersecurity Proposal Would Create New Bureaucracy”

8.  “DHS’ Cybersecurity Role Debated:  Is It Up to the Job?”

If applicable, please pass this information along to those information and cyber security planning and risk management teams in your organization.




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