In a recent search for relevant cyber security related stories that might have an impact on the business continuity and risk management processes, the topic of APT’s or Advanced Persistent Threats was consistently presented as a potential threat that should be included in nearly all organization’s business impact analysis exercises.

One of the most impressive articles on APT’s found was written by Amichai Shulman, CTO of Imperva and posted on the Continuity Central website.

While this APT threat has been in the background for several years now, it is rather important to note that in the past few years we have seen this APT threat increase. Why?

As public and private organizations have moved infrastructure online more data and increasing amounts of intellectual property are likewise exposed to foreign adversaries. So what is exactly APT?

What directions are the attackers taking?

Which organizations are prone to be a target and what can be done to defend against APT?

Bottom line, Amichai Shulman advises that to defend against APT, organizations need to perform the correct risk assessment in order to set up the correct controls.

Read more to find out the answers to these key questions.

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