As we have seen in prior postings on this website, a growing area of organizational risk management and mitigation involves potential threats surrounding legal actions related to e-discovery regulatory requirements – e.g. legal holds, data recovery, evidence spoliation, etc.

Could e-Discovery requirements be the next issue we read about concerning Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. decision to close the newspaper?

For those business continuity and risk management teams looking for real life examples of consequences of risk taking decisions and e-Discovery, a recent article posted on the  iSightBlog website  offers some interesting e-discovery related reading resource content.

This story even goes so far as to suggest that Rupert Murdoch’s reason for shutting down the paper was to allow him to get rid of electronic evidence.

Time will tell if this story leads to the next major MBA business case study involving “How Not to Deal with E-Discovery Risk Management”.

Hopefully, your company will never be facing the situation surrounding the recent closure of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.  However, e-Discovery remains an area of potential risk for nearly all organizations and you cannot deny the fact that regulatory requirements related to privacy and e-discovery continue to be one of the more important agenda items for consideration in every organization’s business impact analysis project.

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