Cybersecurity is an information security topic often discussed in postings on this website.

Many of the information security systems and security policies of organizations that follow this website face (or will face in the future) ever more challenging risk management decisions to be made over cyber security concerns.  Our staff views this legislative support activity as a strong component in the ability of our government to better support U.S. companies who are facing a growing number of cybersecurity related issues.  

To our point —  Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Joe Lieberman, Ranking Member Susan Collins and Committee Member Thomas Carper recently introduced legislation to strengthen, modernize and safeguard our nation’s cybersecurity networks today. 

View the video summary of this important development as posted on the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs website as well as read additional related articles on this topic — CLICK HERE.

Click here to read the complete letter written by Lieberman, Collins and Carper, posted on the Politico website and submitted in support of their legislative presentation. 

If your organization is affected by cybersecurity risk management issues, then please pass this information along to the appropriate information security management members assigned the responsibility of information technology security.

Do you think this kind of legislation activity is good for U.S. companies?

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