For this new year, cyber security remains an ongoing concern for many of our readers who participate in cyber security, information security, network security and IT risk management teams in both the organizations where they work and the communities where they live.

As we begin 2011, our staff believes it is important to take a look at what happened during the year 2010 in cyber security and bring that information back to those information security teams so that it might better prepare their organizations and communities in mitigating what we know to be more ongoing IT security risks that they are sure to face in 2011.

To help those readers, we suggest reading two articles recently posted on the website, written by Luciana, and entitled “Biggest Cybersecurity Stories of 2010, Part 1” and   “Biggest Cybersecurity Stories of 2010, Part 2”.

And, as additional library reference reading material for those organizational cybersecurity team members, we focus your attention on an article written by Ellen Messmer and Tim Greene, recently posted on the Computerworld UK website  and entitled “2010’s Biggest Internet Security Stories”.

If any of our readers have similar stories of internet security issues that they would like to share with our readership, please submit and share those stories related to this ever growing potential threat that carries enterprise risk to both business continuity and organizational resilience in 2011.  Thank you.

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