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Cyber crime activities in 2011 marked a year of new advanced threats and an increased level of sophistication in the attacks witnessed around the globe. And in the first six months of 2012 it appears that cyber crime is diverging down a different path as new financial malware variants emerge, cyber criminals find new ways to monetize non-financial data, and continuing variants to more and more hacker-related attacks remind us to be more aware than ever of this old standing adversary.

Such concerns have caused our staff to look to the release of a recent whitepaper organized by RSA and entitled, “RSA 2012 Cyber Crime Trends Report” for more information and to then pass this information along as a good content reference resource for any IT information security professionals.

In this white paper, RSA will review the current state of cybercrime based on what we witnessed in the last twelve months of findings and provide a series of predictions on what to expect from cyber criminals in 2012.

A quick overview of a list of the top cyber crime trends that the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center has developed is as follows:

  1. Trojan Wars will continue, but Zeus will prevail as the top Financial Malware in 2012,
  2. Cyber criminals will find new ways to monetize non-financial data,
  3. Fraud-as-a-Service vendors will bring new innovations,
  4. Out-of-band methods will force cyber criminals to innovate,
  5. Hacking will drive Enterprises to re-evaluate their security postures even more so in 2012, and
  6. Cooperation and information sharing between International Law Enforcement agencies will continue to become more integral to fighting cyber crime’s cyber-gangs and botnet operators.

Click here to read the entire whitepaper.

If applicable, please pass this along to those information security and risk management team members in your organization.

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