Many of our readers, who are following the PS-Prep program, are now becoming more and more familiar with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  However, while some of those readers already know a lot about ANSI, we believe that a large part of our readership may not be nearly as familiar with ANSI.

To help everyone gain more knowledge about ANSI, we suggest viewing the recently released 2009-2010 ANSI Annual Report.

And, since this year’s Annual Report features a puzzle and games theme, we would like to further enhance and perhaps test your knowledge about ANSI by having you fill out the ANSI crossword puzzle.

Click here  to view the ANSI 2009-2010 Annual Report and view or printout the ANSI crossword puzzle.

If you found this information valuable, please pass it along to the business continuity or risk management team members in your organization.

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