Many organizations are now beginning to focus the attention of their in-house counsel and in-house compliance analysis teams to better explore the current risks, opportunities and challenges facing e-Discovery as it relates to their own operational compliance requirements and record retention policies.  Certainly there is more information available today on this topic than ever before, and, keeping up with the developments in this area can be a daunting challenge,to say the least. 

However, with the growing concerns of data breaches continuing to impact companies of all sizes, the risks of being sued over a data breach occurence and having to be prepared for the litigation requirements in those lawsuits, remains a risk management topic that no company can ignore.   

When you consider the e-discovery process under this scenario and the fact that it is a pressing issue requiring the serious attention from CIO’s and top business executives — you quickly realize that information security compliance is an important component needed in that process to better contain any costs incurred if your company chooses to have an e-disclosure litigation preparedness plan in place and ready to react to any potential lawsuit against that company.

A recent press release announcing a conference on e-Discovery and titled “Deloitte, General Electric, NBC and Samsung Discuss Cost-Management Options for eDiscovery and Litigation Preparedness” reinforces this message and should be an agenda item of consideration for most organizations who are planning their next information security project.  (Click here to view this press release)

Therefore, if your organization is relating its business information security requirements in any way to the potential risk of litigation preparedness and also wishes to have a proactive plan in place to address this potential lawsuit risk — then learning more about this e-Discovery Conference and how to recieve a benefit from it, is something to mark on your calendar for follow-up.   You can get more information and details on this conference by clicking here.

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