From correspondence received and published on this website, we would have to agree that convergence within the business continuity community and its related disciplines is a hot topic.  However, we must stress that it is a topic that needs to be constantly watched, discussed, updated and debated by all business continuity and risk management team members.

It is with this intent that we refer our readers to a recent article written by Buffy Rojas and posted in the November/December 2009 edition of the Continuity Insights magazine.

This article presents a series of discussions and arguments to support and suggest that the dynamics of convergence present now in the BC community is less revolutionary than it is evolutionary and organic to the process itself.

The article builds an argument that the challenge to the BC community is to look within themselves and ask whether there is a fear of this convergence dynamic inherent in the BC community or should the community welcome the potential unions stemming from this convergence dynamic?

In this article, Buffy Rojas states, “I don’t think we should consolidate all disciplines into one department or group. What we should do is move quickly to begin to collaborate with others, by inviting our peers within risk management, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency management, and crisis management to come to the table to talk and compare notes. We can begin by bringing these people together within our own organizations and not wait for the industry to open these doors.  If we can open up the possibility to share what we know with others and they in turn share with us, we will all benefit by learning more about our customers. We can design ways to do what we do more efficiently. We can use this cross-industry education as an opportunity to innovate. We can leverage the power of many, and we will develop higher levels of trust within the organization. These aren’t bad benefits to work towards.”

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