As business continuity planning teams approach the new year, the topic of cybersecurity remains high on the list of topics to address in 2010.  To address this risk managment priority,  we would like to discuss some of the findings stated in a recent report titled — Trend Micro Annual Report:  The Future of Threats and Threat Technologies 2010

We have cited the Trend Micro website before, and we continue to recommend it as a great reference and resource for your risk managment, business continuity, information technololgy and contingency planning teams. 

While it is difficult to cover every possible threat eventuality that may take place in 2010 and beyond, this report is the collective insight of Trend Micro threat experts, researchers, and engineers.  Their combined knowledge of the existing computing landscape, plus their many years of experience in the field of security, enable them to identify real-world technological trends and threats for both home users as well as businesses in 2010 and beyond.

Recent analysis by these teams, has indicated that a new piece of malware is now created every 1.5 seconds.

In this report, the Trend Micro team states that they examine how:

     “Cybercriminals will formulate more direct and brazen extortion tactics to obtain quicker access to cash.

     It’s business as usual for botnets, but heavier monetization by botnet hearders.

     Social media will be used by malware to enter the users’ “circle of trust.”

     Web threats will continue to plague Internet users.

     Cloud computing will present new security challenges.

     Changes in the Internet infrastructure will widen the playing field for cybercriminals.”

Be sure to bring this new report to the attention of anyone in your organization responsible for risk analysis, corporate and/or enterprise security, audit or compliance to security policies, security assessment status or network security maintenance.

To view the full report, CLICK HERE.

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