A “Super School Security Audit” program has been developed by a new national coalition of school safety experts.

According to SERAPH CEO Dale Yeager, “…This is the first time that law enforcement and school administers have come together to create a comprehensive auditing process for School Safety, Emergency Response and Education Management”.

Many school districts’ do not have a formal process to accurately assess from a security perspective what is happening behind the scenes of their schools”, says SAFEPLANS President Brad Spicer. “This new process will provide them with accurate information and more importantly solutions to specific safety issues.   The new audit process also provides important documentation for schools to apply for Federal monies.”

The safety of our schools regarding proficiency and capability in areas of emergency management, disaster preparedness and general resiliency is an important part of our personal preparedness due diligence and planning process for our families and our communities.

Click here to read more about this first of its kind U.S. national program to help U.S. schools with school safety and preparedness problems.

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