Amy Hutchens, Vice President of Compliance and Ethics Services for Watermark Risk Management International LLC,  who is a contributing writer on this website, will lead an educational webinar as she focuses on: (1) key statistics and trends in wage and hour enforcement from 2011, including several real-world examples and lessons learned, (2) Information on industries targeted for enforcement in 2012, (3) new Department of Labor outreach initiatives, the risks they pose, and recommendations for mitigating the risks, and (4) will suggest  compliance strategies — including the integration of wage and hour initiatives –to review and evaluate as important to be included into your organization’s corporate compliance program.

Any potential DOL non-compliance by any organization could easily expand into some serious negative cash flow risks to that organization over a short time  — especially given the fact that The DOL (Department of Labor) continues to expand its focus on compliance with labor laws with specific emphasis on wage and hour regulations in additional targeted industries. In 2011, the DOL collected almost $225 million in back wages, up more than 25% compared to 2010.

Amy has a passion for helping organizations do right by their shareholders, employees, clients, customers and communities, and in doing so she can help mitigate the business risks associated with ethical and compliance failures as they relate to them.

If applicable, click here   for more information and to register for this free webinar entitled: “Wage and Hour Compliance: Assessing the D.O.L.’s Enforcement Initiatives for 2012” and to be held May3rd from 2:00-3:00 PM EST.

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