Amy E. Hutchens, a frequent contributing writer for this website and the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), has written an interesting article entitled “Wearing Two Hats: The Dual Roles of In-house Counsel and Compliance Officer”, and, given the fact that corporate regulatory and enforcement authorities have become more active and aggressive in the past several months, our staff would like to encourage a more detailed reading of Amy’s approach to this dual challenge often facing a new arrival to a new in-house counsel appointment.   Of course, economic constraints can often be their own motivation(s) for trying to combine these often conflicting roles in an organization.

As Amy states in her article, “…wearing the hats of both in-house counsel and compliance officer can be challenging and rewarding at best and can become a nightmare at worst.”

The question(s) Hutchens addresses in this article speak to the very realistic world challenges of risk that organizations –both large and small – live with every day, and, in doing so, they also raise the possibilities of real world consequences that often result from a decision to unify the roles of in-house counsel and compliance officer within any one organization.

Let us know your thoughts and comments as you read more of how Hutchens attempts to answer the following questions:

  1. Given today’s business environment, is it realistic to expect a general counsel to operate as a great compliance officer?
  2. Are the inherent conflicts reconcilable?
  3. Is executive management deprived of a valuable perspective when the roles are combined?

Click on the following link Wearing Two Hats by Amy E Hutchens to read the full article.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those business continuity, disaster preparedness, risk management or even PS-Prep strategy planning teams, as well as, compliance officer or general counsel individuals in your organization.

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Amy E. Hutchens is general counsel and Vice President of Compliance and Ethics Services for Watermark Risk Management International, LLC.

Photo courtesy of National Contract Management Association (NCMA) Magazine – Feb 2012

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