So often, comments and requests come to this website seeking more clarification on the topic of compliance.  Fully recognizing the complexity of the subject and yet remaining committed to satisfying the requests of our readership, we have asked our writers, reporters, and staff to search for a suitable response to such requests. 

The first response to our request comes from a new follower of this website by the name of Amy E. Hutchens, JD, CCEPMs. Hutchens serves as General Counsel and Vice President of Compliance and Ethics Services for the Watermark Risk Management International group, and, recommends that our readers join fellow ethics and compliance leaders for an exclusive Regional Roundtable on Business Ethics: Best Practices discussion which is sponsored by the DuPont Sustainable Solutions group and  to be held at the Richmond Virginia Marriott Hotel on Tuesday, January 25, 2011. 

One of the reasons, Ms. Hutchens recommends this event is that it offers its attendees a unique opportunity to share best practices, acquire fresh insights on sustaining an ethical culture, and exchange strategies to assess, communicate and help mitigate compliance risks within an organization.  

The compliance enforcement forecast for 2011 is another key area of discussion that Ms. Hutchens believes will be addressed, and, that topic alone should be of great interest to so many of the business continuity, risk management and organization resilience team members in any organization. 

Other compliance experts that will join Ms. Hutchens in discussion are: 

Mark Brzezinski, Partner and manager of the international law practice in the Washington DC office of McGuire Woods, LLP. 

J. Patrick Rowan, Partner in McGuire Woods, LLP where his practice focuses on government and internal investigations, white collar criminal defense and complex civil litigation.

Matthew J. McGonegle, CCEP, who,  in his role as Ethics and Compliance Manager, leads content development for all ethics and compliance training solutions globally, and works directly with practicing attorneys in DuPont Primary Law Firms throughout the world. 

W. Carter Younger, Partner, who represents management in the areas of employment discrimination, union-management relations, international employment, executive employment contracts, and government regulation of the employment relationship at McGuire Woods, LLP. 

Charles N. Whitaker, serves as Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Compliance, Altria Client Services, and, is responsible for directing the Human Resources an Compliance services for the Altria Group and its family of companies. 

For more details and information about this roundtable discussion and to find out how you can attend, click here  to fill out a registration form to attend, or call 1.800.285.9107 ext. 3258 to answer some of your other questions.

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