Few business continuity planning teams might consider labor laws in their business impact analysis exercises to prepare their organization to avoid or survive an unexpected disruptive event.  Yet, as Amy Hutchens JD, CCEP, a contributing writer for this website, has pointed out to readers in the past, it is important to realize that many organizations have been and will continue to be challenged to double-check their wage and hour practices and ensure their compliance with compensation laws.  If found to be non-compliance with compensation laws, many organizations might find themselves facing a serious economic disruptive event that might surely qualify as a serious threat to keeping their doors “open for business”. 

If you believe your organization needs to be kept abreast of DOL’s tightening campaigns, their requirements, and their implications for your organization’s compensation program, then register for a free webinar entitled:  “Wage and Hour Law: Update and Outlook”. 

This free webinar will be held on May 4, 2011 from 2:00-3:00PM EST, as part of a DuPont Sustainable Solutions offering and will include a presentation by Ms. Hutchens

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