Joan Goodchild, a writer for Computerworld, offers available information and advice for companies in Haiti who are trying to survive the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Joan Goodchild’s  article features an interview with Eddie Everett, senior vice president and national director for Global Services North America with security firm Control Risks, who is in charge of coordinating the firm’s global crisis efforts in Haiti.

In his interview excerpt from the article, Mr. Everett states that “…The best course of action at this time for those who are in country is to remain unless they have exit routes in place, because of the lack of logistics to get them out of countrySo the first thing we do is gather information and assess what is the situation right now: Who is in the country? How they might be impacted? And then we assess what we need to do in the immediate instance.”

The article also confirms that fact that there a lot of companies in manufacturing, distribution, telecommunications and some financial organizations have a presence in Haiti.   The safety and security of all individuals must remain the ultimate short term goal for every organization facing this disaster in Haiti —  hopefully some of the information in this article will achieve that goal as quickly as possible.

If your organization is one of those companies, click here to read more …..

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