One of the objectives of this website is to provide its readers with tools, resources, and information regarding business continuity and contingency planning for organizations ranging in size from the enterprise level to the small business category, but, also to include even the micro businesses and/or single proprietor owned home-based businesses.

This area of our website has been labeled the “Community Sandbox” to illustrate the intent of using an area to allow input from our readers to view a proposed project tool or resource, test that tool or resource in real time, and then be part of the community contribution to suggest ways and methods to improve that tool or resource, and, finally allow that ongoing improvement process to deliver a best of class tool or resource back to the readers of this site.

As defined by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, a “sandbox” is a testing environment that allows changes and experimentation to take place in an isolated environment where it is safe to make modifications and improvements until a final output is produced.

It is the goal of this site to create such a “sandbox” environment, and promote a community sharing spirit that will attempt to answer the most pressing needs and wants of its users, and then, provide a methodology to answer those needs and wants with community created, relevant, value-added and simple to use tools and resources.

The first tool to be developed in this environment will address the necessity of having to perform a Business Impact Analysis in or for an organization.

The output of this request will involve first a presentation of relevant information related to the objective.  In this case, it is a white paper on the subject written by Don Byrne, a contributing editor and writer to this site.  And, then a simple BIA Work Effort Calculator developed by Lisa DuBrock, also a contributing editor for this site.  This Calculator was developed utilizing information received from consultants, which detailed their BIA development experiences.

We encourage our readers to review this information, test this calculator and then share their comments, their suggestions for improvement and their ideas for making an even more valuable tool that will then be shared with our community of readers.

We also welcome additional writers and others to contribute their ideas for making this BIA Work Effort Calculator the benchmark of excellence in the business continuity industry.

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