While many comments and inquiries received from readers seem to indicate an ongoing interest in the use of cloud-related technologies, there also appears to be a comment or two focused on the potential risks surrounding cloud outages and what influence those risks would play in the final decision to use or not to use a big white server in the sky.

To that point, our staff recently came across a great article that may help to answer some of those concerns and perhaps mitigate some of the risk elements that exist in the cloud.

This article is written by JR Raphael, posted on the InfoWorld website and entitled, “The 10 Worst Cloud Outages (and What We Can Learn from Them)”.

A listing of the colossal cloud outages as presented in the article are as follows

  1. Amazon Web Services go poof….
  2. The Sidekick shutdown….
  3. Gmail fail…
  4. Hotmail’s hot mess….
  5. The Intuit double-down…
  6. Microsoft’s BPOS oops….
  7. The Salesforce slip-up….
  8. Terremark’s terrible day…
  9. The PayPal fall-down…
  10. Rackspace’s rough year…

More importantly, the links to more formal background explanations for these outages along with the content as stated by JR Raphael go a long way to give more than enough information in such a decision process.

However, at the end of day, our staff agrees with JR Raphael who says.  ‘All considered, the biggest lesson here may be that no single server, center, or service is 100 percent reliable. If you don’t build your business with that in mind — well, my friend, you’re just walking around with your head in the cloud.”

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If applicable and relevant to such a decision process being made in your organization, then, please pass this information along to those business continuity planning or risk management team members in your company.

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